Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Eve

Things to remember.....

Shots are like sit-ups for your liver if you don't train regularly don't try to do a bunch in a row you will only end up in pain.

This Holiday tends to be for amateur hour for drunks, professionals stay home or at other professionals home..if everybody gets a DUI they lose the stigma.

Despite the short sentence "Happy New Year" Spelling it properly with pee in the snow takes a considerable full bladder. Make sure you have your guests perform their end of the year sign off early in the night you don't want them passing out with all that stuff backed up in their guts otherwise you are going to have mess on your hands tomorrow.

Never use the snow in your yard for ice after the end of the year sign off has taken place.

Remember it is ok to hit up your neighbors for ice if you run out as long as you offer them a drink, it is cheaper then asking for sugar and helps build communities.

It is ok to laugh at the polar bear club. These people are stupid. There is nothing exciting about jumping in a froze is cold, wet, if you need a cleansing for the new year take a shower at home and dry off...if it needs to be special pretend you are drying off with a magic towel. Then remember your superstitious self is at least smarter then the idiots jumping in the lake.

What ever you do remember to have fun. It is only life :)

Have a Happy New Year and I will see you on the flip side....

Bizzio Von Stuffensnatch


Mich said...

"have fun. its only life" <- love this!

Happy New Year! I plan on making my liver do plenty of sit ups tonight! lol

Rocketstar said...

U 2 hombre, shots are like sit ups, love it.

Travis Erwin said...

Happy new years to you as well.

I go by many names, mostly Megan & Mom said...

I like the part about pretending your towel is magical