Friday, December 11, 2009

Goal Recap for 2009

Coming up on my birthday this year and I am in full goal setting mode. Here are the goals I set for 2009 and how I faired on accomplishing them.

Goals for my 31st Year on this Planet

Read 50 Books. Done 

Watch 50 Movies. Done 

Take 20 credits worth of classes. Took the Summer off so I only ended up with 16 but I did actually take part in graduation this year so that was kind of fun.
Fence off my back yard. Done 

Place a concrete patio in the back yard. Due to financial considerations this got pushed to 2010

Get a dog. Welcome Bentley  You have chewed your way into my heart.

Publish one book. Due to financial considerations this got pushed to 2011

Take Two Trips - Thinking of North Carolina this summer and Arizona this spring. Travel this year included the following – Arizona, Chicago, Delaware, Philadelphia, and seven trips to Wisconsin

Pay off another $10,000 in debt and quit being my own worst enemy it absolutely sucks how much crappy credit history can effect your job prospects, especially in this market. – Done just a little bit more to go this next year to get this full monkey off my back.

In the fall I would like to redo my basement. Especially, the bar area not really sure how much money or what exactly I will do but at a minimum I want to put my poker table up, wire the basement for TVs and sound maybe put a few small flat screen monitors up, get a few comfy used bar stools. (It kills me to see all of this stuff on Craig's list right now and not be able to afford any of it.) I would like to start having bi-weekly game again by next winter so if you want on the list let me know and I will keep you posted. – Bar is up and operational and being put to good use Still short a few TV’s and Poker chairs but we are getting there.

Try 24 New Bars or Restaurants. Done 

Sign-Up for some more sports teams. Three kickball seasons and some good times

Upload Videos to the net. (I have never done this before and it is something I want to do) – Never got around to this one but it is coming.

Register on – Done 

Pick two from the following list. (They all cost the same and I want to do them all but I have to narrow this down)
- Renew MPR Membership
- Fencing Lessons
- Join the Masons
- Renew Mensa
- Dance Lessons
- Karate Lessons
- Swedish Institute Membership – Went to the Swedish Institute
- Renew PMI Membership
- Renew Block Buster Movie Membership (F U I like it better then netflicks) – Done


Ronny said...

I write my goals down is a 2010 goals booklet. It is always in my wallet and I review it regularly. It keeps me focused on what really matters to me.

Enjoy and success!

Sornie said...

Impressive. I don't even remember if I set goals for this year but did accomplish plenty but still have plenty to do in 2010.

PurestGreen said...

Wow. I feel like I haven't done much over the last year. I think I need to be more specific about my goals.

If you get the chance to take karate, it's pretty great, especially if you have a good teacher. Shotokan is great. You get to count in Japanese and everything.

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