Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend ReCap


Ran errands



Partied my pants off in the Johnson basement bar with some friends that were in town.


Woke up: Wondered where the bruises on the back of my head and back came from.

Wondered why there were Blair Witch like patterns of Orange peels all over the house

Wondered why there was a string of lights leading from my basement window decorating the tree outside.

Wondered how I came to have such awesome friends :) Love you guys

Was a little baby all day

Went to Harry's for dinner

Went to a friends for a night cap

Passed out in a heap of hot mess


8th Street Grill Downtown for the Games

Spend the rest of the night in front of a fire watching TV it was great:)

1 comment:

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Brian,
That sounds like a pretty good weekend, preparing for the holidays with friends and drinks! I've got to get to it this weekend.