Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nationl Christmas Tree?

Does anyone else think having a National Christmas tree on the grounds of the white house is a clear violation of the separation of church and state?

What if it was a big cross?

A menorah?

A national prayer rug pointed to Mecca?

I don't really care what religion the first family chooses to practice but do we really need to nationalize it?


Jenn'fer said...

I would normally agree with you Biz, but this one is really funny to me... since the x-mas tree has it's roots (no pun intended) in Pagan tradition, I think the joke's on them.... But I generally agree that a national symbol that represents a religious holiday is bad. How about a national Poinsettia(sp)?

Rocketstar said...

It is a clear violation and should be removed even if it is a Pagan symbol as Jenny correctly points out.

Sundar said...

Not to digress too much, I have always wondered how they mark the graves of non-Christian soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. From the footage I have seen, there are only crosses there.

Mags said...

I don't usually agree with you about these things, but this one I do. I'm all for them having a tree for themselves-that would be crazy if they weren't allowed to, especially b/c they have young children. But to nationalize it is weird.