Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Have you ever wanted to see who who comes to your funeral? What they say about you? What they do? What they don't do?

In this regard celebrities are lucky.

Scandal is the modern pop culture obsessed version. The one where you find out who your friends are and how good they keep their mouths shut.

I wonder which one of my so-called friend would come out of the wood work selling photos of me nakend in a corner covered in my own vomit to TMZ?

Celebrities are lucky in this sense, they get to find out who there real friends in in the ultimate for revealing secrets.

I guess where I come from you just keep your mouth shut.

If your friend is having an affrair and you take issue with it, you confront your friend. You don't tape him and release it to the news media.


Rocketstar said...

I just spewed on Tigergate, it'll publish tomorrow.

This is an unreal story but at this point, should anything shock us?

Jenn'fer said...

Ugh,.... tigergate... I don't understand why people expect "perfection" from other people. I have never understood why celebrities are held to a higher standard. Is Tiger a role model for yougsters? Yes. As a role model, should he lead an infallible life? Absolutely not. Young people need to understand there are chllenges in life and that there are repurcussions for every decision we make. That includes infidelity, relationship issues, and all of it. Otherwise, kids grow up with a fairytale notion that the perfect mate is out there, and there will never be challenges, disharmony, or anger. Sure.. let's just set our kids up for heart break.

Dawn said...

Is Tiger a role model? Or is he just an athlete? I kind of think... why should he have the job of role model to our kids? He's a famous golfer, and he likes to sleep with lots of women... I don't see why those two things can't go together. Can he be a husband and like to sleep with lots of women... that's for his wife to decide not the rest of us.