Friday, April 29, 2011

Be That Guy – Friday Update – Talk Really Loud on the Phone

In an effort to save all of us from the over indulgence of worrying about everybody’s feelings all the time and testing the bounds of the long held assumption that nice guys finish last I am giving everybody permission to be an asshole, tool box douche once a week.

This weekend’s challenge - Loud Talking in confined spaces.

Talk on your phone at a tone just shy of shouting. Pepper the conversation with terms like slut, construction costs, forecasting meeting, how much money you are going to make and whose ass you want on the line. Perfect spaces to do this are elevators, line for coffee in the morning, while you are going to the bathroom, etc.
People surprisingly think that the louder people talk on their phones in public the more powerful they are at their line of work.

Things not to do…..

1.) Never switch to an inside voice…you are that guy remember
2.) Don’t put someone on hold or change your conversation as you are paying for an item.

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