Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Thought: High Taxes Kill Jobs?

Anytime you hear political rhetoric that includes terms like kill or death it has been created explicitly to scare you.

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

Come closer…

Taxes actually encourage small businesses to grow….

You see when a small business hires an employee, that employee becomes a deduction for the business. That is right a business can reduce its tax burden by hiring people. It can also reduce its tax burden by investing in machines, technology expansion.

When you hear a person saying that high taxes will kill jobs what they are really saying is I want more money coming into my pocket but I am not going to say that since you might not vote for more money coming into my pocket so I will scare you and say if you don’t vote for more money coming into my pocket you will lose your jobs.

I have been spending the better part of my formal education in my MBA program learning how to help business avoid paying any taxes at all; it is really fascinating to see so many people buy into the concept that businesses should not have to pay taxes at all. You done been duped.

Or as I like to say these days you have been FOXED

I have been using the word foxed as in trickery, fooled, hoodwinked lately it hasn’t quite caught on yet but I am sure it will.

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Rocketstar said...

Well said. Dude, you know I have always said it, the FIRST thing we need to do is remove the $$ from politics, until we do, we are screwed. This country doesn't have the culture that will create a solution of the mind.