Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Love State Senate

The people of Minnesota voted a bunch of people into office to fix the deficit and trim government.

What do they do as the first agenda point?

"Senate approves voter ID bill" Great now you need a valid id to vote just like before except it is going to add more expense to the voting process which is already good.

That is right they passed a bill that will require more government and do nothing!!!

Next on their agenda....Banning Gay Marriage.

Don’t we have real problems we could be fixing? Like Potholes or the 5 billion dollar deficit?

I think politicians should actually be public servants…and pick up trash, fix potholes, walk around at night with a flash light do something constructive. How about a community garden ? I am afraid if we don’t give them something to do they are going to come up with more and more useless stuff in their free time.

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