Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Memories That My Children Will Never Have

Trip to the movie store. I can remember being driven to the Mr. Movies when I was little and walking down the halls of tapes and being able to pick one off the shelf and bring it to the counter.
For some reason I remember this experience as being rather exciting.

I also remember going to the record store, Know Name, Electric Fetus, Sam Goody etc to stock up on music or get the latest single or album. I remember how cool I felt to be in the head shops filled with stuff I knew was bad but wasn’t quite sure how it worked. (Although I learned pretty quickly)
I was cleaning out my attic a while back and found boxes of tapes and then realized I had no tape player left in the house.

I remember the book store although my memories it as a child were more along the lines of kicking and screaming cause I didn’t want to go because reading was for dorks..although you would be hard pressed to find me these days without some kind of reading material. My only regret now is that I didn’t start younger.
I remember smoking inside of a bar – I know this is probably for the best but there was something about it that was fun and risky and dangerous that is a little sad that it is gone.

I wonder if there will also be a time I will say “There used to be real sugar in those and it tasted delicious”


Bill From Gainesville said...

I remember work, when there was no e-mail. Can't imagine life without it in my job now.

Rocketstar said...

Soon, we'll have no reason to leave the house as we are sucked into the www