Sunday, April 24, 2011

People on the Payroll

Can there be a real Resurrection of this Country?

There is a fundamental problem with the amount of people on the payroll.

When the amount of people on the governments payroll or that are receiving direct assistance from the government exceeds the amount of people who are not on the payroll there is a huge problem.

We live in a majority rules system and when the majority of people have a vested right in maintaining the system I will make 2 predictions.

1.) We will not see any significant change in our cars direction as we are heading over the cliff.


2.) The people on the dole will continue to look for ways to bleed the people not on the dole postponing #1 until we see some kind of exodus, revolt or utter collapse.

Either way I am increasingly believing we are past the point of no return with the number of people on the the baby boomers become increasingly dependant on Social Security and Government Plans this will just keep pushing the scale the opposite way.

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