Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shampoo – Conditioner = Bald?

I have heard this from two different sources lately and I wonder if there is any validity to this case. The joke is that you never see a bald homeless person.

The logic here is that your hair produces natural oils that help nourish the roots and protect it against the environment. When you shampoo you strip your hair of these natural oils so harshly that you have to buy another product called conditioner to put the oils back into your hair.

The hypothesis is that homeless people don’t loss their hair because they don’t shower often.

That men lose their hair more often than women because they are more likely to shampoo everyday and not put conditioner in their hair.

What if going bald had just as much to do with whether you used conditioner as it does with your genes.

Can you imagine the class action lawsuit against shampoo companies?

What if baldness can be reduced just by washing your hair less and always using conditioner?

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BORGHY said...

What if bald people for some reason are less inclined to be homeless?