Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Failed Invention Attempt - RIP

Solar Powered Tanning Bed - Ok it is really just a lawn chair and some creative marketing but it was a good shot..lol

No really I hate laying face down on a lawn chair but I love sitting out side and reading and doing homework. Problem though is that my front is super tan and my back is super white.

So I set out to invent a solution to this problem.
I took an over sized Yoga make and sprayed glue all over one side.
Then I broke a bunch of different bottles and old mirrors and dumped the glass on top of the glue.
I then took some clear cable and rebound an old lawn chair.
I then suspended the yoga mat with the glass about a foot below the lawn chair.

My theory was that light would refract off the glass and tan my back while I sat and comfortably read.

Instead it melted the chair....

Guess I am back to the drawing board


the108 said...

You need to go on that show American Inventor and just bring the lawn chair...lol.

Ma said...

thanks for the laugh!!! just get some self tanner for your back side silly rabbit

Brian in Mpls said...

ma how do I get to read your blog on here?

Brian in Mpls said...

108 - I totally should it would at least get a laugh..lol

Ma said...

well it's still in the creation stages... I'll open it up for viewing soon and then you can peep it

Little Sis said...

I'm impressed with your efforts Brian! Let me know when you come up with a better plan so I can copy it! LOL

Mags said...

You have been tagged my love...see my blog today.

Also, I posted a pic of myself for my Wordless Wednesday. If you click on it, it becomes life sized and you can pretend to kiss me on your screen.

You know you wanna. ;)