Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hard Johnson

Last night after class I attended a send off for my sister at Tailgate (She was in town for the week for Denver) In true inventor fashion I have invented a new shot...after several mixing and matching attempts failed I have found another winner.

Introducing the Hard Johnson

Shot of Bacardi Limon dropped into a low ball of Mikes Hard Lemonade...It is so good!!!

Start ordering it everywhere I want my hard Johnson to be in every hole in the wall in the country. Every time people gather to pound drinks I want them pounding my hard me swallow it and do it is that good.


EC said...

LOL - I'll definitely be thinking of you the next time I pound my hard Johnson ;)

the108 said...

I swear to you that the first drink I have to celebrate this baby coming out will be a Hard Johnson. However, there will be no Hard Jonson pounding this bitch for about six weeks after :-)

Mags said...

...I'm thirsty

Sparky Duck said...

*writes that down and tries to figure out how to call it a hard duck instead*

Rocketstar said...

nice, Hard johnson, sounds great