Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life's Simple Luxury #254123

Life's Simple Luxury #254123

Car Wash

What is it about a car wash and a clean car that can make you feel like a million dollars?

I love it.

Like some how my sins and stress are melted away by little rainbow streaks of foam and high pressure washers. Every evil deed exorcised out of my by vacuums that leave vanilla-roma scent.


the108 said...

While we are on our adventures traveling the world, I must insist that we stop in every city and bathe naked in various car washes.

Ma said...

Ahhh Vanilla-roma! Makes me want a car again!!!

~paige~ said...

I love a good car wash. i just feel better (more organized really) about life when my car is clean. right now it needs to be vaccuumed and cleaned. i will do it this weekend. thanks for the reminder

Toryssa said...

And me. Except the only time my car is REALLY clean is every three months when I take it to Jiffy Lube. They vacuum, then give me a "free car wash" ticket.

It makes me happy.