Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trees Are Natures Vomit

Alternative View #12541 - Trees are Natures Vomit

I was happily sitting and pitching walnuts at my neighbors dogs that happen to enjoy testing their vocal prowess at two in the morning, when I suddenly had an uneasy thought. One of the dogs took one of the walnuts and buried it in the yard. I envisioned this huge tree growing out of the earth and it hit me. The earth doesn't like walnuts and vomits them skyward in a very slow manner. Trees are the earth's vomit. The earth doesn't like trees, trees prevent erosion and the earth from moving about freely on the wind. These vomit projectiles we call trees make the earth its slave forcing it into a single location and suffocating it from the sun...

Next time you are in forest or field just think every tree, every blade of grass is just piece of vomit that is being puked skyward out of the earth at a slow pace.

The forest clear cutters are the earths friends they clean this vomit off the landscape and get rid of the plagues of fury vermin that take refugee inside this sickness called nature...


Mags said...

This is my least favorite post.

Only because I am in love with trees.

I love the forrest and the way the sun streams through the leaves and the quiet serenity I feel when I am walking through the woods.

To me, trees are one of the greatest gifts we have on earth.


the108 said...

Trees are what gives the earth oxygen, you turd.

Rocketstar said...

I love this thought, the creativity of it. Your mind works in sexy ways.

KOD next Friday dude.