Friday, June 01, 2007

Cost of Mass Stupidity

I sat down to pay bills last night (yuck I just vomited in my mouth) and I really looked at them.
Have you ever noticed all of the little fees at the bottom of each bill?

Well last night I added them up from all of my bills, water, cell phone, electric, gas, cable etc.

The grand total $38.64 which is $463.68 a year

Now if there is roughly 112 million private residences in the united states and we all have roughly the same household expenses
That is $51,932,160,000 dollars collected annually from the american population. That is over $50 Billion dollars in stupidity taxes.

Isn't that amazing?

Does anyone even know what these fees are for?

I estimate that stupidity costs the average household $1,500.00 a year and that is a conservative estimate. Onces I do a little more research I will share how I got to that number.


Mags said...

That's why I just don't pay my bills. 8)

Rachel said...

These numbers make me feel depressed.

the108 said...

What are these "bills" you speak of?

Brian in Mpls said...

I know I just discovered a pile of them growing in my closet

EC said...

I avoid looking at them just so I can pay the bills without dropping dead from a heart attack each month :)

Thomas said...

Ah, Brian. If you owned a bed that had "magic fingers" like the ones in hotels in the 70's (that you inserted quarters in), you might not worry so much about "fees".