Friday, July 06, 2007

The Crimson Stains Spelt Freedom

In the wake of a rather patriotic fourth of July I was inspired by a few questions.

1.)What would you kill for? Die for?

2.)What is freedom?

3.) What does it mean to be an American?

1.)The dying part is easy sure I would who ever asked me to. It has been a few of those years where I would offer myself up a a sacrifice to help hair club for men reach its fundraising goal. Ahh. but to kill for what you believe..this answer is supposed to be rife with feelings and thoughts about family, friends, loved ones, liberty, the right to live. At least that is the answer I know I am supposed to give. However my answer would be something more selfish. I am unsure what is wrong with me but I have a very hard time forming relationships on anymore then a superficial level. Yet, if I am honest with my self and you I would kill for money, for success, for respect and power. I would do it to protect my interests and yours as long as they are the same. That is with one exception and you know who you are you have saved my life over the last and are the sole reason I am still here.

2.)I guess I just started to think are we really free? At a global level...Freedom is the release of morality on our culture. It is the decriminalization of drugs. Legalizing gay marriages. It is euthanasia. Being able to talk on the phone without GB listening. Legalized prostitution. Liquor stores open on Sunday.

At a local level it is me breaking out of a prison that for forged by 4 actions in my life that I can't undue.

3.) If an American is a selfish arrogant asshole then I am its epitome


Mags said...

1. I would kill to protect my closest family and friends. And to be honest, if I were in public and someone was trying to hurt another person, I'm the stupid one who would usually stand up for them and so I'd kill for just another human. Die? The same, especially my niece.

2. Freedom-oh...this is hard. I've started to feel personal freedom after taking anti anxiety medicine. Freedom from worry, from excessive mind racing, from holding back. And also, I think emotional freedom is doing something you love. As far as global/local freedom, there isn't enough room for me to write about that here.

3. American. Perceived or real? Because your answer is spot on in terms of perceived...and perhaps real too...symbolically, I think it means being able to express your beliefs, embracing diversity, and having the ability to make a life that you want.

However, we all know how hard that is...and it's not very realistic. But, I still like the fact that I guess I COULD do all of those things if I were willing to work wicked hard.

the108 said...

1. I'd kill to protect, to make a change and for revenge. Like, if someone killed one of my kids, he'd be toast.

2. Freedom? Freedom is a fancy word used to distract us as the government does whatever they want with us.

3. America... a fat, greasy, corporate asshat sucking on a big, brown dick.

EC said...

Here are my answers -

I would kill for my son, and I would die for my son... No one else, they can take care of their own damn selves :)

Freedom is being able to shop at Walmart 24 hours a day, no matter if you bring your child in there at 3am or not... because you will never look like as bad as a mother as the woman next to you in line.

To be an American means to be free, to kill and to die (see previous answers)

Rocketstar said...

Nice, very nice.

1. Kill for? It has to be my genes.
2. Doing ANYTHING I wanted to as long as it physically hurt no other.
3. To be privaleged yet unaware of that fact.