Thursday, July 19, 2007

Habitat Update

I love working with my hands. There is something so satisfying with building and looking back and saying I did that. I love it.

Reasons I love Habitat

1.) I get to build stuff

2.) I learn how to build stuff

3.) Working outside with your friends is fun:) - Rocket we missed you this this year:(

4.) You feel like you did something at the end of the day.

5.) I think about other peoples problems for a few days for some added perspective.

6.) Beer tastes good afterwards

7.) I want to be in good with them in case I get evicted and need a house


the108 said...

I think it's fantastic. PPP has an option where you can have all of your earnings donated to HFH. Interesting.

I looove to buld things and fix things. Let's build us a cabin in the sky and run away together....

Rocketstar said...

We all know you love working with your hands ;o)

I missed you to brother, I plan to call your sis next week...