Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Unofficial Spokes Person for Mikes

I have been flirting with the idea of becoming the unofficial spokes person for Mikes for a little while now but recently had an experience that pushed me over the edge to absolute loyalty. I was sitting at a St.Paul Saints game when I was approached by a vendor who had Mikes Light!!! Thats right half the calories, all the booze and that same great taste..

Why is Mikes the best?

1.) You can make yummy shots with with it

2.) It doesn't taste like beer

3.) They sell it at the ball game

4.) You can road dog with it and not worry about your breath

5.) It tastes so fucking good in the summer

6.) It is a main ingredient in a Hard Johnson

7.) It is not super sticky if it gets thrown in your face and drys

8.) You can pour it under the urinal on peoples shoes and it looks like pee


Rocketstar said...

I love Mikes! I have been a long time lover of the Mikes Light, that's my poker drink.

A few other reasons Mike's rocks.
1. It doesn't give you Beer Farts.
2. Vodka is the best for hang overs, in my opinion.

Sarah said...

oh my god, you two... mike's is totally a chick drink.

ablondeblogger said...

Here from EC's blog! I think you need to move to "the south" so you can hook up with her! Just sayin. :)

Brian in Mpls said...

lol...Am man has to watch his figure;)

I love going south on beautiful women;)

the108 said...

I love Mike's but I'm also that dork that guzzles Smirnoff Ice. Red, though... black label sucks.