Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finally an Answer...

In the age old question, "would you like to be a pirate or a ninja?"

I have decided that it is a pirates life for me. While I respect the ninja, his vast assortment of weapons, his ability to kill you a hundred different ways and his stealth and honor the whole thing collapses when we take lifestyles into account.

I am just not a person of vast discipline.

I like to drink -- Winner Pirate (Now rum isn't my favorite but if it is a choice between tea or even rum and sake rum wins hands down)

I like to fornicate -- Winner Pirate. (Now there is some debate around this one since it is possible that a pirate will be at sea for a long time and a ninja may have a hot little geisha at home. But I am going to side with the pirate on this one since more is known about what happens when you go into port then about the ninja's home life)

I like to travel and go to the beach -- Winner Pirate

I like bootie -- Winner Pirate

I like to be clean -- Winner Ninja

So after considerable thought on the subject I am thinking of becoming a pirate. I have decided to start small so if you are thinking about taking a canoe out on lake Calhoun this weekend...think again!

So how about you? Pirate or Ninja?


Rocketstar said...

I love it. I agree with you man, pirate all the way but the only thing that scares me is the greater possibility of death out at sea.

Mags said...

I would like to be your CT wench please.

EC said...

I'm totally a pirate. A beach? Drinking? Barely showering?? YEP - that could definitely be my life, lol.

Little Sis said...

I say pirate, just to drink and be can always hope in the wateer to clean up! LOL..leave it to Rocket to bring up the whole "death" thing! ;-)

the108 said...

Argh!! You KNOW I'm a pirate alll the way, yo!