Monday, July 23, 2007

Small Town Blues

What is the probability of finding your soul mate in a town with a population of under 500?

Pretty good it turns out.

At first blush if we make some assumptions say that there are 1000 possible soul mates for everybody now out of 7 billion people you are pretty fucked if you live in a town with only 500 people... but wait if we assume that you are a heterosexual and that there is a 50/50 split of male, female that then chops the population down to 3.5 billion.

If we assume that we are English and that our soul mate speaks English then we can trim the population down 90%

If we assume that they have some of the same hobby's as us we can further contract

If we can assume that they have some of the same values and experiences we can further contract until we get down to the very real possibility that your soul mate is probable the person next door.....

That is if you believe in any of this horse


Mags said...

Where is this town? I need a soul mate.

Rocketstar said...

Some of it may be BS but I think the opverall point is valid. We are creatures of our environment. So growing up in the same environment/generation etc... is one of the keys.

Little Sis said...

I don't really know to be honest. Rocket has a point, but I'm perfectly content with someone who is almost opposite of me in many least you got our brains

the108 said...

Fuck a soul mate, really.

Thomas said...

You're right, B-man. People talk about soul mates as if there's only one of them in the whole world when in actuality they could be quite happy with hundreds (thousands?) of people of the opposite sex.