Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday 10 List

I try to get all of my chores done on Friday so that the rest of the weekend can be spent otherwise...

1.) Finish Requirements for Phase 1 of Project

2.) Thank-you cards for interviews this last week

3.) Lunch - pick up kitty litter

4.) After work go to home depot pick up 4 pieces of ply-wood and and 14 landscaping stones

5.) Pay and Put bills in the mail

6.) Laundry

7.) Finish backyard project (Leveling a slope)

8.) Fold Clothes

9.) Eat\shower

10.) Meet some friends that are in from out of town for some drinks @ 10:30


Mags said...

I need some landscaping could be my lawn boy.

Any problems with that sexy?

the108 said...

Hmmm... this seems an extraordinarily normal list of things for you to do. Please add "Worship Kyra" to your list....

Rocketstar said...

5.) Pay and Put bills in the mail

Dude, why are you not using bill pay?

I will be coming back to Minneapolis in August without the family for fantasy Football Draft, I'll let you know the date.

EC said...

I need some kitchen painting done - are you free this weekend after you do all your crap??

And yes - get billpay would ya??

terri said...

Lunch - pick up kitty litter? I'm sorry, but my mind turned in the wrong direction since the dog I was just dog-sitting made a habit of snacking in the kitty litter box. I know. Gross.