Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Dark Side of the Great Society - Medicare.

We need to cut medicare. Phase it our over the next five years. We found away to get along in this country before it came into effect in 1965 and we will need to find a way to get along after it is over. It is 100 times more expensive then estimated. Otherwise we are going to be tied to a sinking ship that is already half way under water.

If people bitch that they have been putting money in it for 50 years and are now not going to get a thing here are a few replies.

Humanitarian Reply
"Looks at all of the people you did help all these years"

Realistic Reply
"Bet you wish you would have been voting for someone who didn't squander your money or was too big of a coward to address this issue all these years"

Truthfully the framework that caused Lyndon B Johnson to enact these programs in the name of creating the great society in the sixty's is no longer present. The programs, the variables the assumptions have proven greatly off and it is time to abandon this program.

Before it is too late...


Anonymous said...

So how do you propose we do this? You know, without preventing everyone who is elderly from dying?

Not saying that I'm a big Medicare proponent, but what are the strategies to get out of the mess, I'd ask.

And the answer to what we did before 1965 is pensions (though there were many problems with that too--like if the company went out of business they didn't owe you anything). There is no requirement that people put any $$ in their retirement accounts now (though they should, provided that their company provides a matching option), and let's be honest--private healthcare for ailing seniors is far to expensive for someone subsisting off social security.

The whole system is broken.

Brian in Mpls said...

Can I tell you the answer to that after this weekned? Part of my holiday will be spent looking at three different approaches to try and solve this problem. I know I am geek.

Kyra said...

I don't think they have the plan worked our correctly, but I do agree with universal health care. I don't like Medicare, and my mother is ON it (she has MS, and no real insurance will cover her.)

scargosun said...

Well a solution has to come before abandoning it. Look at No Child Left Behind. It's a federal mandate but since there is NO money provided for it, teachers cannot even do that part of their job.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Both the princess thing and abolishing medicare are from the same types of worlds, the fantasy world. The leadership involved in stopping the inertia that is medicare and the perfectness of prince charming are both probably non-existent

Rocketstar said...

Waiting for the solution, I agree it is a mess.