Thursday, May 08, 2008

Freedom Isn't Free a.k.a What Else is New

Before there was freedom to send troops to defend there was a thought. It was revolutionary. It is what separates you from the monkeys. It is the ideals that were created by thinking. Someone saying you know all this killing and pillaging and waring is maybe not the way to go.

Why don't we see signs that represent that beginning? Not glorifying protecting it with means that can be prevented by it.

That kernel that existed before we had to kill people to defend it.

The one that was forged with the sweat to change peoples minds to a new way of thinking not by placing a gun in their face but by using logic and reason.

The blood of those who urged us to think different. Think for ourselves.

Vets are only a secondary act that defends our ability to think and create for ourselves.

For violence and war is a form of slavery it is not freedom. Violence is never freedom in and of it self. It is only one of many tools that is used to usher freedom. It is the most barbaric and for some reason praised the highest.

Have you ever tried to change someones mind? It is much easier to kill them.

Why don't we give thanks to the thinkers that bleed on burning piles of superstition Thinker that advanced science, medicine, philosophy. The women who burned at the stake because they dared to think differently then the prevailing masses.

Thinking isn't Free and it is a lot harder then resorting to violence.

Where is sign honoring freedom of though and those who fight for it by exercising their mind?

What would it say?

Support Our Thinkers

Support Our Scholars

Support Our Creators

Support Our Producers

Support Our Enlightenment

Instead we Support Our Troops (Which is not a bad thing, I just fail to see why it is the primary thing we support)


Muffy Willowbrook said...

I don't have a great suggestion, but I am down with your train of thought.

Violence isn't freedom.

scargosun said...

Enjoying your blog. Found you thru Muffy.

JLee said...

Violence and war are never a solution...especially when you are not "defending" anything.

Kali said...

Supporting the troops is good - I mean, they're just doing their job. But... Violence never solved anything, and Iraq was a mistake.

Thomas said...

I Support The Occupation Of Iraq, But I Don't Support Our Troops

"It is ridiculous that my "heart" is somehow morally or ethically obliged to "go out" to the troops. In fact, had the troops not been put to productive labor by the sheer might and institutional authority of the U.S. military, a good number of them would be sitting around bars, drinking and gambling."