Thursday, May 01, 2008

First Third Results - Brian In Minneapolis

On my 30th Birthday I set the following goals. 120 Days Later Here is Where I Stand.

1.) No more smoking ever.
2.) Only one soda a day.
3.) Three new products\business under development.
4.) Workout 3 times a week.
5.) Read a book a week.
6.) Watch one movie a week.
7.) Try at least two new restaurants a month.
8.) Complete at least one maintenance or home improvement project a week.
9.) Cut down on drinking to 3 days a week.
10.) Reduce debt by 50% this year.

The results

1.) A+ No smokes in 120 days:)
2.) A+ 2 sodas a week.
3.) A+ This is secret for now but a few of you can verify this so people know I am not lying.
4.) D- Maybe I have been working out one day a week.
5.) A+ 2 Books a week on average. I am so glad I am back in this habit.
6.) A+ Some good ones.
7.) A+ Yum and Yuck
8.) A+ of all the things I am most proud of this. I tend to let things around me fall apart due to neglect. Whether it is relationships or weather striping. So to make an effort to repair and maintain and stay true to this is a big deal to me and it feels good. Now if I can only start to do the same with my friends.
9.) F - No explanation needed....I am a drunk
10.) A+ - On track

So apparently I can take care of everything but my health.

So to correct this I have made the following health related goals.

1.) No more french fries.
2.) No eating in my car.
3.) Take one class and learn one hard skill a month that will benefit my health. Karate, Dance, Cooking ect.
4.) Day of beautification a month. Facial, Waxing, Massage, Manicure, Tanning not all at once of course but one different one in month in a symbolic gesture to remind me to take care of myself.
5.) Three drinking days. Wed Happy Hour. One Day a weekend and a floater to be used at will to cover events that come up. I figure people can come see me if they want too I am sick of bending to other schedules.
6.) Cooking more of it...i am getting good.
7.) Exercise 30 minutes every day. No joke I am doing it. It will not be gym related. I am pumped.

I will let you know how this goes in August.


Rocketstar said...

Congrats man, nice going.

Kali said...

9.) F - No explanation needed....I am a drunk.

HA! This made me laugh. You and me both! Let's do it together sometime.

JP said...

Good for you!

EC said...

You are doing awesome!! Wow - you must have some willpower!

BORGHY said...

that's awesome! when we gettin drunk together again???

2,4 & 9 I have been working on as well.

Brian in Mpls said...

Kali: When I am back in Dublin I will take you up on that:)

Thanks Everybody:)

B: My next hard core weekend is going to be the 16th and 17th of May you want to come down and stay with me we can whoop it up...let me know.

JLee said...

Hey, things sometimes have to be tweaked/negotiated. Good work. I like the "beautification day" So metro! ha

Foster Communications said...

Sounds like you've really got your shit together Brian!
I applaud the beautification. I used to date a guy who went to "Debeautification" every once in a while for fear he'd get to pretty. He shouldn't have worried!!