Sunday, May 25, 2008

Solution to America's Problem

This is in regards to my Medicare Post.

Two books. Three Research Papers. Twelve websites. Six Excel and Access Models Later I think there is a winner to the solutions we are looking for in this Country.

I was shocked to learn it comes from a Republican.

I was more shocked the more I modeled what what being detailed in their book and found to be correct.

I was even more shocked when I realized I would walk across the isle and vote for a republican for the first time in my life who was willing to address this problem.

I was also shocked at how much consideration this book and approach actually takes for people at the poverty end of the spectrum.....from a republican?

I am going to back the FairTax and any candidate who is going to advocate it as a solution to our financial problems.

It is bi-partisan time. It has to be...before it is too late.

I have a copy of this book I will ship to anyone who wants one.

For more back ground on the problem that we are about to get blindsided with try picking up..Where Does the Money Go?

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The Charming Hedonist said...

I've come to realize that, regardless of party affiliations, I get behind what makes sense.

Rocketstar said...

For me, it is always about social issues more than monetray issues. Take my money and leave me my personal freedom. Now if there was a cnadidate that gove me both, halleluhay (sp?)

Anonymous said...

I want it all--don't take my money, or at least let ME earmark where my money goes. Are roads and welfare important to me? Then I'll check that off, like allocating my charity donations each year.

And let me have my personal freedom, as long as that doesn't impinge on anyone else's to a significant degree. And, for cripe's sake, let other people live their lives too. Let 'em do what they want. Enough of this stupid focus on gay marriage--just let 'em get married and change marriage for the government into only a financial institution--let religious marriage stay in the churches.