Saturday, May 24, 2008

We Are All Fluffers

Most people use the term incorrectly now so let me start with a definition. A Fluffer is a paid employee on a porn set who is responsible for giving hand jobs and blow jobs to male actors to ensure that they are hard and ready to perform. They are also responsible for cleaning the actors and the sets after the act is done.

The definition as it has morphed and is used in the business world is a person who does some demoralizing act in order to set someone else up for glory.

There are some big assumptions here to using the term fluffer in a deeming way.

- Is giving blow jobs and hand jobs a deeming act?

- Is it bad to be the person behind the scenes setting up other people?

Plus I am almost positive that there are people out there who being a fluffer would be a dream job.

I am almost almost positive that every job out there requires an act of fluff where you set someone else up for a money shot even at your own expense.


oestrebunny said...

If you're a fluffer and you're happy in your job then who's to say whats demeaning and demoralising.

Perhaps not the career for me, but I'm sure whoever they are are enjoying themselves.

It is true though, most people in most jobs have to set someone else up for glory at one point or another. No one gets to the top on their own.

Cheri said...

I wonder if there is a fluffers union, fighting to maintain the rights of those get their money by using their mouthes.

scargosun said...

Beauty is in they eye of the beholder. This applies for jobs as well. If you like it, great. If anyone tells you it is demoralizing or bad, that is their problem not yours or said fluffers. My job would probably be considered somewhat fluffy considering I am assitant and I do most of the grunt work to make the advisors look good but I am an organizational freak so, I guess I like being a fluffer.

M. said...

ha ha. nice.

Rocketstar said...

In the game of life, we have all fluffed at one time or another, it is part of the game. Some of us do it the porn sense and most of us do it the business sense.

Anonymous said...

Just fluffing? Oh man, everyone in the corporate world who has gotten anywhere has done this many, many times. It's how you wrangle people in your corner--nobody forgets when you've "fluffed."

Nevermind fluffing, I've bent over backward for my companies more than I'd care to admit. Makes for great fodder come promotion time.