Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Found It - My Bumper Sticker

I was walking home from Betsy's and crossing the Diamond Lake Bridge last night and I looked up and saw all of the construction on 35w. Towering cranes, Generators, Trucks leading in a path to my cities beautiful skyline and I realized this is my bumper sticker.

This view is the acknowledgement of thinking. The engineers, the inventors, the people of discipline and vision. The towering achievement of thought. It surrounds me. Its genius is in everything I touch and use everyday. It is beautiful and I realized a bumper sticker would only demean it.


Bill From Gainesville said...

Spoken like a true objectivist. Have you read Ayn Rand? Atlas Shrugged? the Fountainhead? Those are her two greatest books and they espouse exactly what you are talking about here. ( I have read all her other stuff as well, but these two are the two)

cher said...

my bumper sticker would say
"my other ride is a volkswagen driver"

Brian in Mpls said...

Bill: they are some of my favorite books:)

Cher: You crack me up...where you been at?