Friday, March 20, 2009

Brian Pre-Drinking Check List

Chalk this up under items you now needlessly know about me.

Before I go out drinking I have to complete the following four tasks

1.) Feed the cats and change the litter box. (Just in case I don't make it home for a few days)

2.)Make my bed. (I just love coming home to a made bed.)

3.) Fill the brita picture with water. Re hydration is important

4.) Make coffee and set the timer for the morning. (Nothing I hate worse then making coffee in the morning hung over)


Anonymous said...

I hate drinking coffee when I am hung-over. Diet pop is the best. Along with some greesy food.

Emily said...

So what happens if you set the coffee timer but don't come home for a few days? The cats drink it? They have that fresh litter box to fill up I suppose... :)