Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time for a Green Vodka Redbull

I wonder if the red and white on the flag of Ireland ever get pissed that green gets all of the attention.

I mean can you imagine if only one flag color received attention on the 4th of July? There would be ACL lawsuits, discrimination legislation, coalitions formed, congressional oversight committees funded to help even it all out.

But then it is not an American holiday so we can enjoy it for what it is.

That is until we decided to increase liquor tax to pay for the next stimulus package.

Until then I will just enjoy the moment and maybe a green vodka redbull or two.


Max Sparber said...

St. Pat's Day sort of is an American holiday. There is a St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, but, until recently, it was a small and sober religious holiday on which the bars were required by law to be closed.

The St. Pat's we know, with the parades and green beer and corned beef, is the invention of Irish Americans.

Sornie said...

Why do we need a specific day to drink way too much and pass out in our own vomit? I say make St. Patty's Day a monthly occurence.

Kristi said...

"But then it is not an American holiday so we can enjoy it for what it is."

How true is that statement? And how sad that we don't even care the reason for our celebration, as long as we get to fill our bellies or get presents.....