Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Magical Couch

When I was younger we used to play this game on this massive playground by my house. The objects was similar to tag except you couldn't get off the playground set or touch the sand cause then you would "die".

I kind of feel that way about my couch and bed as I climb over furniture avoiding touching the carpet. It is this magical world. A leather Brian charger. I plug my ass into the seats and cushions and feel energy start to flow back into me. Maybe it is the company. The back rubs the contours of two bodies fitting together in an exhausted relaxing embrace.

It has been a busy two months and I think I just need a good full charge. Today I just feel proud and utterly exhausted. I am looking over my 120 list and everything that I have done this far and it has been a while since I have felt that sense of pride in something I have accomplished. People often have a hard time believing that I am an introvert. Not in the sense that I am shy cause I am not but in the sense that I need gratuitous amounts of down time to function properly.

I am looking forward to some good couch time this week:)


Rocketstar said...

I bet that couch could tell some great stories.

Anonymous said...

With ya. If I don't have downtime, I start to have anxiety problems.