Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cult Following

I don't know why I get so offended when people say stuff like, "You have quite a cult following." Don't get me wrong I am flattered that people take time out of their days to read this or to engage me conversation over drinks, but something about cult or cult classics give me the shivers.

I think I associate cults with mindless people who follow a leader and I want none of that.

In fact I want just the opposite.

A group of people who think for themselves. Who follow no leader, but their own taste and desire to learn.

A group of people with independent thought.

I wonder what name you would use to refer to that group of people?

Then I would call them __________ associates.


Sornie said...

I just pictured mindless followers wearing loose-fitting, drab-colored robes.

Rocketstar said...

"Like Minded" associates? Not very catchy but I think you are a great cult master.

Jenn'fer said...

So, you aren't really trying to recruit "Disciples of Brian"? Darn, I thought that was what I signed up for all those years ago when I met you!

How about: Sapient Associates...

Tara said...

LOL..."Disciples of Brian"...that is a good one! I thought we all signed up for that Brian ;)

SS+1 said...

What about Fans? I mean, it's not are people too ya know! :)

Sometimes, I don't understand why people as a whole feel the need to label things. Meh!

Ace C said...

You could call them iAssociates. Evertyhing gets and "I" in from of it these days.