Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Punctuality is Relevant.

I Have started to notice my punctuality corresponds to how much preperation the person expecting me has gone to on my behalf. I know some people who are on time no matter what. I know some people who are always late no matter what.

I have also noticed the less someone has had to prepare for me the later I will show up. For example I always arrive on time to a dinner party since I know a lot of effort goes into it and like all things delicious timing can be everything, but if that same person invited me for just drinks I might be 15 minutes late or if there are a lot of people invited maybe an hour to two hours late.

The same principle applys to work. My co-works have driven far, droppped of kids, said good bye to love ones all to meet with me at an expected time hence I am never late for work.

I have also noticed I hold people to this similar logic that the more effort I put into preparing for a person the more pissed off I get if they are late.

The only place this principle doesn't seem to apply is that I am never late to happy hour even if i am going


Sornie said...

I always find myself arriving late for everything. People expect it and late is the new on time for me.

Rocketstar said...

Right on. It infuriates me when people have me waiting on them as if their time is more valuable than mine, sons of bitches.

SS+1 said...

It's always happy hour hence you can NEVER be late! :)

Ma said...

speaking of late - when are you sending my books? I seem to remember something about March.... but that's about it

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian that is a good point, there are those that run late and there are those that run early and its almost like "late" people have a different set of genes or dna or something. My Ex-Wife used to always think she could get more done then was really possible in a given amount of time and she would try to do that unless you sat there and broke down why she couldnt do all these things she planned on, and still be at a certain point at a certain time and when you told her that ---it was like a light came on but its like she had amnesia because if you werent there to explain it she would just be late. I loved that about her .. Not the late part, the part about her thinking she was some kind of superwoman