Thursday, March 05, 2009

Religion = Apathy?

The happiest day of my life was when I was born again as an atheist. It was the day I realized that my time is finite, that anything I want to happen in my life I have to do. There is no eternal land of happiness to inherit. No one is coming to save you. As bleak as that sounds it is the most awesome force in this world. It is human will. It is me in control of my destiny. It is my happiness. My ability to live every minute because I know this is it. I do what I want rather then what is expected and I love every minute of it.

I can't stand the apathy of religion.

Of someone who thinks prayer is going to fix our problems.

A person who believes it is gods will that we pump billions of chemicals into the air and if we die we die.

A person who believes we are going to be saved by a liberator by something other then ourselves.

These are probably going to be the most blasphemous things I have ever uttered but I think they need to be said.

We are our own saviors.

Prayer instead of action is for the weak and lazy. It is pushing your problem off on someone else.

There are people that come up to me ask ask about what I did last night and last weekend with a little twinkle of jealousy in their eyes that I never quite get, since they could do the same things if only they wanted to.
There are haters that say I am reckless and irresponsible that I am too old to enjoy life like I do.

But I know something they don't.....

That our time is running out.

That soon enough this ride is going to end and we will die and in that brief moment before, when we can think back through our time here I am glad that I am me and lived my way and not theirs.

Some Quotes for Faithful...

"Jesus turned water into wine and not the other way around."

"Two hands working accomplishes more then a million clasped in prayer."

"When you see my face I hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell."

With love,
Bizzio Von Livenlife


Rocketstar said...

Atheism is life affirming, right on. This is our one shot, don't waste it.

Prayer, How to do nothing and still think your helping.

Rocketstar said...

Atheism is life affirming, right on. This is our one shot, don't waste it.

Prayer, How to do nothing and still think your helping.

Ma said...

I like your new last name
even though I'm don't consider myself religious AT ALL, I still believe in the power of prayer - I think it can work for anyone no matter what your religious belief, but not because it is uttered to a god/goddess/higherpower/deity... I believe prayer has power because it affirms and puts words to what we wish for/need in our lives... I think there is great power in naming that stuff and it helps bring it about
I don't think there's someone "up there" with a magical wand granting these wishes... but I do think they're worth saying
ps hating back on those who hate on you is pointless - only breeds more hate.... if our time is really running out, who wants it to be spent with more hatred? intolerance? etc...

Jenn'fer said...

I completely understand your position, Brian. I agree that humans have an obligation to help each other, through action, rather than prayer. Pray all you want, but you can do more to improve the world. I understand that the "pray-ers" have the best intentions... it's just priorities. I think you read my blog where I wrote about when people try to save my soul, and I say no thanks, my soul feels fine.
I think that "faith" to a lot of people is more like a AAA policy - a safety net for the hard times. A tow to the repair shop. They will find comfort in the mythology, when in fact, it doesn't really exist. That they will find themselves in an afterlife, when in fact, it doesn't exist... You are right. Our time as sentient beings is limited. I know you and I make the most of our time here... maybe our life experience has taught us this lesson...

SS+1 said...

wow man. that last quote was deep. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the tenets as you present it, but most people pray when there is nothing that can be done, to seek comfort, not in lieu of action.

There are also quite a few people that live their lives to enjoy it but also think about the impact they have on others, and this is neither religious nor non-religious, it is more humanist.

While I'm all for the atheism, for agnosticism, or even religiousity within reason, I do think it's necessary to acknowledge that not everyone with a belief system is on their knees day and night--not doing anything about the world--and also judging you for your actions.

Emily said...

I think it is one thing to pray in the sense of it being like meditation. Just relaxation, bringing up your self confidence, trying to clear the mind and figure things out.

But yes, prayer in terms of hoping that some magical being is going to help you out of a jam, is ridiculous.

I had an officemate who would pray for every single freaking thing. Everything was god's will. Pencil fell on the floor? Jesus must have wanted it that way. Gag.