Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Full of Shit...Really

OK this might TMI...so stop reading now if you do not wish to know this much about your favorite Minnesotan.

Cramps...pain...OMG I am dying.

Give it to me straight...

Stomach cancer?

Ruptured appendix?

Apparently I am just full of shit...a lot of shit...rock hard shit.

Shit that might need a little laxative push along with a change in diet and increase in water consumption.

So this coming weekend update might be very simple..


Jenn'fer said...

Oh Biz... welcome to the above 30 crowd... health issues start playing a bigger role, and you start paying for your rock star lifestyle by caring about things like fiber.

As far as TMI - Everybody poops... good luck... may your resolution not involve hemmoroids... but you might want to stock up on Preparation H just in case.

GingerMandy said...

dude, benefiber. i'm telling you. it changed my ass. your shits will be perfect. i convinced one of my friends with this problem to try it... and he swears by it now. trust me, your ass will thank me.

MaryBeth Hughes said...

you need to do Gwyneth paltrow's detox diet! it makes you feel so good!!

Sundar said...

You should check out gnufoods.com. Their breakfast bars have 12 (yes, twelve) grams of fiber each. It almost makes you look forward to shitting.