Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who is to Blame for the Recession?

We often hear government, wall street, mortgage companies but I wonder why we never hear consumers? You know the people or more specifically Me. I am the reason for the recession. If you are in the majority chances are you are too.

I knew what I should have done. Save money. Live below your means. Don't leverage yourself beyond your income on intangible assets like eating out, going to bars traveling.

We have a responsibility problem in this country. We point fingers at faceless enmities like the GOP, Democrats, Wall street.

We need to look in the mirror and own up to main streets portion of the responsibility.

Easy credit was like a drug and consumers are junkies going through withdrawal pointing fingers.

They were just giving us what we wanted.

That is why I have renamed the recession to the intervention.


Anonymous said...
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Sornie said...

I agree in placing the blame on consumers because so many are just stupid thinking that they don't have to pay for something on credit only to be deluged with with credit card bills a few months down the road.

Rocketstar said...

It's American greed and instant gratification. Bush didn't help the matter by telling us that all we had to do was BUY SHIT.