Friday, November 13, 2009


Ok I get the whole movement about eating local for the sake of the planet but people there needs to be a balance. One of the beauties of the world is we live in a time and place where I can experience all the world has to offer as far as food from my neighborhood grocery store. I happen to like kiwi, pineapples, bananas etc and since I live in Minneapolis I am kind of SOL. I think it is good to eat local, eat sustainably but lets not get too crazy.

The world is a big beautiful place and experiencing it and enjoying the diversity of it has its own rewards too...

There needs to be a balance.


Anonymous said...

Is it good to drink alcohol from all over the planet?

Narkissos said...

nothing like a diverse community eh......enjoy food, culture, language......gotta luv canada...:)

90hazelnut: it is awesome to have alcohol from al over the world.....try sake or maybe die for........:)