Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You Know Whose Stock is Up?

Here Comes Organizaed Crime

Prohibiton was a boon to organizated crime because it didn't deal with curbing demand just supply and when ever there is demand there is going to be someone there ready to fill that nitch.

Turning off peoples access to credit, turning them away from conventional means to get loans and financing is providing an excellent oppertunity for organizied crime in the form of an old classic called loan sharking.

You thought the spread was bad on your subprime payment option interest only loan was bad? You should see the points on these finacial transcations.

When you said you wanted Wall Street to quit getting your money, is this where you envisioned it going?

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Rocketstar said...

I never thought about that, very interesting but in these times the crime bosses better be willing to give some beatings in lieu of getting thier money back. But then the police forces have all been cut as well so maybe we don't have enough cops to go around and the beatings will happen with nobody being prosecuted.