Monday, November 09, 2009

Weekend ReCap


Been bogged down with work work and school work and so we got out of doge for a little weekend trip. Drove to Appleton WI after work to visit with MB and AH.

Went to Fratellos for dinner and drinks. Thanks Chippy for the

Bar hopped down College Ave. I will have to post some pictures from the Celebrity look-a-like contest.

It was great to see you guys


Drove to Wautoma WI sat on a bar stool for 14 straight hours watching football. I am pretty sure if there was a heaven it would be just so.

Although there was a little scare later in the night...JW I am glad you are ok and hope you are feeling better.


Drove back to Minneapolis just in time to spend the day hung over raking and cleaning out gutters. But at least it is done.

Made a nice dinner of crab, potatoes and salad. Yum

Watched the movie the Proposal. To be honest I usually hate these kind of movies but this one was pretty good, yeah it was cheesy and predictable but overall done up pretty well.


MaryBeth Hughes said...

it was great seeing you guys. we're glad you made the trip! thanks for laughs (as usual). :)

Bill From Gainesville said...

I watched the Proposal on Demand this Friday Night with my daughter and I agree, It was a movie that did not suck! and you pretty much nailed it, I was mostly watching it because my daughter wanted to watch it and was not expecting much at all and as such it easily exceeded my expectations! (Cannot Wait for "the Blind Side" to come out which was such an excellent book)