Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November ...

Election time is here I am pretty pumped to go vote today and see how the new instant run off process works here in Minneapolis.

Just like in the spring when you start to see buds on trees birds returning grass greening. I am starting to see the signs of a Minneapolis coming out of its economic funk. People smiling, being out and about, traffic is picking up. But what I am thankful for the most is that the current economic road bumps have allowed me to prioritize life in a more meaningful way.

Snow is coming but not yet:)

I am looking forward to the downtime winter provides, get some more reading done, some home projects, hopefully shut the TV off and just talk about life around a little fire with the Hot One.

They say the greatest sin a person can commit is ingratitude. It is something I know I need to work on showing and being. What better time to start then the month of Thanksgiving.


Rocketstar said...

Winter is nice for slowing things down isn't it.

MaryBeth Hughes said...

is the "hot one" anna. :) sounds like your looking for a little Danish hygge!!