Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Happily Never After?

Isn't it bizarre that one of the first acts that ritually consummates a marriage is the cutting of the cake? An act of separation used to signify unity. I know if I would have spent more than 30 seconds googling this I most likely would have found the answer to why we do this and it can replace the significance’s in my head of this is the first act of splitting all of your stuff 50/50.

Should I ever find myself in the position I think I am going to re-write this one so that you have two pieces of cake and you squirt frosting in the middle and stick them together. If you are big on imagery, you can imagine the squirting of frosting as a blessing of fertility.

That is all....

Bizzio O'Bittensnatch
(Had to bite Face)


Rocketstar said...

I'm with ya.

Personally, I would never engage in any of those "I've seen 10 thousand people do this already and it is not very exciting" rituals that everyone seems to do just becuase others have fdone it before.

Let's say good bye to the old rituals and create new and exciting methods to show unity.

Matthew Anderson said...

I like that. Joining two pieces of cake together, if anything, seems much more appropriate.

Megsta said...

Did you also know that flower bouquets were originally used to conceal the stank of the bride when regular bathing hadn't quite caught on?
We've come a long way since those days - and I think it makes perfect sense for people to create their own unique and meaningful rituals together!

lauren said...

You know what is kind of ironic? The Google ads on your site today are all for engagement and wedding rings. Is that a coincidence?

karphosite said...

Dear Brain!
If you don't want a cake I'm sure nobody will force you ;)
I'm worried abt you ..so much worrying abt marriage symbols and rituals and thereby sounding so very bitter.
Let them have their way if it makes them happy I'm sure they don't mean to impose anything on you, eh?


dawnmarie said...

You know what "new" tradition at weddings I hate? The unity candle. give me a break, it's not symbolic of anything, its a freaking candle you blow out after five minutes. which, is about how long marriages tend to last anyway i guess.

no one cares about the "symbolism" of cake cutting (is there any?) all they want is sugary flour to soak up aome alcohol.

Say Rah! said...

just out of curiosity, how do we all feel about writing one's own vows? i think it's stupid.

FACE said...

All this marriage talk reminds me of the Princess Bride and the pastor saying "mawaige".

Screw a cake, to show real unity eat a placenta together and then throw the remains at the ladies instead of a boquet of flowers! If your other half is down I'm sure the marrige will last or you found out humans are yummy!

Van Lichtersnatch the 1st, cousin of Bizzio O'Bittensnatch

Brian in Mpls said...

Heir of Von Stuffensnatch grandson to Von Pumpersnatch

I think the last person that said let them eat cake had her head lopped off...Marie something...lol

I love all of you and if you are interested in exploring the polygamy side of life let me know..lol

dawnmarie said...

i think writing your own vows is stupid too.

Rocketstar said...

say rah and Dawnmarie,

If writing your own vows is stupid, then what is spewing the ancient ridiculous "regular" vows?

At least writing your own vows make them relevant, personal and requires that one puts thought to them.

lauren said...

Yeah, but with writing your own vows, you inevitably get one person who writes something funny, and one person who writes something touchy-feely. And then the vows don't "match"!!! (Does that makes sense, the matching?)

I like the idea of writing your own vows IF they match. My ideal vows would be funny and poignant, i.e. "I vow to always fold the laundry if you will always sort it/I vow to love you even when you lose your teeth... or at least I will share my teeth with you". That kind of thing.

dawnmarie said...

i find it interesting that everything rocket doesn't agree with is ridiculous. it's starting to get insulting.

Say Rah! said...

RS, it's kinda of about tradition. in this disposable society, people write their own vows and think they can define what marriage means to them. it's no longer for better or for worse, it's as long as i still like you.

but, for a guy who doesn't dig religion, my points have no meaning.

marriage is supposed to be a contract between you, your spouse and god. now, i'm not naive enough to believe people live their lives like that, however, marriage is a religious institution. seriously, if it weren't, we'd have same-sex marriages (which, i am not opposed to BTW).

anyway, i'm not trying to convince anyone to agree with me. i'm just sharing my thoughts on the subject. hope that's cool.

and dawn, he doesn't offend me in the least. i pretty much knew we'd be on opposite sides of the fence. he's entitled.

Brian in Mpls said...

Say Rah...always cool to share thoughts I dig yours and everybody who comments on heres diverse view points. All of you spark my inner flame and I love you for it.

I personally am all for writing your own vows...and about to enter into something as serious as marriage you should know what both parties are like and how they deal with stress and what kind of vows they will write under that stress. I agree with your statement it is something people take to lightly, but I am conflicted about what that means on one hand I am a big fan about keeping your word and I take that to mean now just be honest with your partner about where you are with your feelings life is too short to be miserable with someone you can't stand because it is the "right" thing. Life is dynamic and things change. I also know having been through it on both sides now I will be deadly serious about it should I ever go through it again...ok now i am offically rambling...lol


dawnmarie said...

say rah!, he's certainly allowed to have the opposite opinion as me, but why is everything ridiculous when it's not his opinion? I guess i just have issues with being told i'm stupid, or ridiculous as the case may be, so it gets to me.

tell me your opinion, and listen to mine, there's no need for anything more than that.

lauren said...

I'm interested to see the footage from Rocket's wedding. My guess is that some of these "ridiculous" and "not very exciting" rituals were performed at his own wedding. In which case, dude, why didn't you buck the "ridiculous" system and not get married in the first place?!

PS - How was the cake at your wedding? And did you and your wife write your own vows, or go the more traditional route? Just curious...

Rocketstar said...

lauren, agreed, both should share vows ahead of time to ensure compatibility.

dawnmarie, not everything I disagree with is ridiculous or silly if you will. I never called you stupid or made a personal attack ?? Although not my intention, I understand that people can pervcieve rthings differently so I will try to be more sensitive to your views, seriously.

Say rah, good points. It then begs the question, why is "tradition" good?

lauren, first, what kind of footage do you want to see? ;o)

We were married in Jamaica in a beautiful flower garden by ourselves. We had two local young Jamiacan's as our witnesses and we edited, cut and pasted the normal marriage vows (removing all religious verbiage as well as those things we thought were not appropriate). The resort did supply a cake but none of those traditional events took place.

Then we came home and had a giant pig roast party with the family.

We discussed for along time whether or not to get married as marriage has A LOT of history that we don't agree with, check out the history of marriage, not very nice.

Dem Soldier said...

One why to do this....is write the IN-LAWS names on the cake and cut it in half.....so they get it...To not miss with U...

Say Rah! said...

RS - can't say that tradition for tradition's sake is always positive. however, that said, i am a pretty traditional kid. well, maybe. i guess i don't want a big fancy church wedding, but i do want a wedding. small, like immediate family or something. don't know. my religious views have done a 360 in the last 5 years, so what i wanted when i was engaged is not what i want now, which may not be what i want when/if i actually make it to the altar.

dawn, i guess my point was that i am guilty of overusing the word stupid, so i tend not to dwell on things like RS's use of ridiculous or whatever. if that's the word he wants to use to express his opinion, i'm cool with it. plus, he's hot. LOL, just kidding! make sense?

lauren said...

Rocket - Ew, sicko, not that footage!

I was just curious to know how close to traditional you got. Seems like you got pretty close, ie vows and a cake. :)