Monday, April 24, 2006

LETLAR - Alpha Chapter One

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Chapter One of the Alpha Writings

The beginning

It is not necessary for us to go all the way back to the beginning.
For it is not the job of the agnostic to claim certainty where others have done so.
It is the job of the agnostic to evaluate what is the truth based on logic and reason.
It is the job of the agnostic to hold multiple ideas in their head until one
emerges as a champion. It is the job of the agnostic to know when the champion has been beaten.
We only need to go back as far as is needed for our purposes.
To the beginning of thought. The beginning of the use of reason and logic.
In the beginning was questions. Why is it raining? Why is the ground shaking?
Questions gives rise to speculation.
Speculation gives birth to dogma and our present quandary.
Speculation and ritual are not the enemy. They should be seen as the birth mother of all that the agnostic holds as ideal.
Speculation is our beginning. It is the first attempt at man to seek and explain the truth of the world around him.
It is the birth of god. Not the otherway around. We attempt to describe our world. To show cause an effect.
With limited vocabulary and understanding we came to limited conclusions. This is not the fault of those who came before us but it is there gift to us. The ability to seek out what we don't know and explain and define it with celebration.
It is a gift we can only receive by seeking to further our understanding. We disgrace those who came before us when we accept what they did.
When we define the world using their vocabulary.

We create beginnings everyday. This too is a begging it is a middle and end. It is celebration of what makes us unique. Today at this begging I
invite you to celebrate with me our thought. Your thought. Your attempt to explain the world around you. We seek to provide no answers
only a forum for this celebration.

(Anyone else have so good thoughts on the beginning?)


Rocketstar said...

I will, of course.

lauren said...

Question: Shouldn't it be the job of every human being to question, to evaluate what is the truth? And do these questions only pertain to faith, or to all aspects of life? And if it is the job of all humans to question, then does that mean that in some way, all humans are agnostics?

Okay, that was more like three questions. But I'm really interested to learn more about this LETLAR thing. And of course, I'm more than happy to weigh in.

young-hard-cock said...
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Brian in Mpls said...

Lauren I am so going to adress those questions in my next post that will be on my other site is like you were reading my mind