Thursday, April 27, 2006


My throat expands to accommodate the growing mass.
I feel its coarseness as it articulates its way through the lining of my esophagus.
Poking and prodding for weakness
It is fury, lumpy, and smooth at it passes my teeth and lips at a velocity equal to the pressure I can force it out of my lungs
It hits the ground and bounces
It runs and I chase it.
I corner it and we look at each other
Nervousness mixes with adrenalin as I pick up a bat
My swing causes the lugie to
Splash the walls and coat my pants up to my knees
I need to quit smoking
This is getting ridiculous


FACE said...

Smoking is so gross, smoking's gonna give you gog breath. Cough up a lung where you from St. loius son.
I feel your pain, I hork up parts of small villagers. Damn you nicotine bequeathing torched tabacco into my oral pharanyx.

Slap atcha Ghoul, The 1 and only son of Chachi and Joney!

theresa said...

I agree. you should stop smoking :) trust me, you'll be way better off for it.

Ruben said...

A bit graphic, but still very good.

Dem Soldier said...

Agree with Face/Theresa...stop it.