Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Walk it Off......

Why cant I walk it off
Shake it off
I am closer to the edge then you will ever know.
I am winded and my race has so far to go
I stop
I want to quit
Give in
I look for the strength to finish and find a black hole
I find caches of issues I have not dealt with
Hidden Like weapons in a video game
Weapons I use to undo my self
I am wrapped in excuses
I step off the path
I sit still
I can feel the weight of a thousand sleepless nights in my core
Eyes swollen with tears not yet cried
Thousand unanswered dreams
I am the reason
Missed opportunities
I understand string theory
In dimensions of sadness
Underdeveloped limbs burdened with guilt
Seek strength in crystal glasses filled with ice cubes
Relief is evasive
I spill
I roll in my mess
It is all I know how to do
Words leak from me like I ate rotten chicken the night before
Thought is slower
A balloon that deflates over time
Like will to try something new
The world comes alive with sun
I sink deeper into the darkness of my own creation
A cycle of self destruction
Energy to continue depletes faster than I know how to manufacture it

Suicide is a dog chasing its tail coming to the conclusion that it can't be caught and stopping


Megsta said...

Keep chasing that tail Bri Guy!!!

Brian in Mpls said...

Swear all the darkness is out of my system...lol Now we will see happy writing filed with butterflies and other such pretty things

Brian Zoolander

FACE said...

as long as you eat food you won't have to worry about making energy, good ol' ATP allways at work! Kreb cycle that. Anywho enjoyed the the release of safety blanky (huh!). I never catch you on IM no mo, hope i will soon.

Gotta go...walk it off...

Love Sir Yankinpulloutovmi

Rocketstar said...
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Dem Soldier said...

Five fingers against one should do the trick......Nah man just kidding.

Watch the Twins you will be fine...

Rocketstar said...

Dude, grab a nice glass or bottle of wine, relax and think about how mind boggling massive the universe is and how small and insignificant we and our problems really are.

Think of all the new "strange" in your future.

Brian in Mpls said...

I should be on IM a lot more after this week.....I miss you brother;)

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