Thursday, April 20, 2006

Introduction to LETLAR

(Before we get to the main course it is necessary to lay a foundation for the inter working platform on which we will be standing. This first document is the housecleaning items for how the process will work in form and function. As with anything that shall be set here forth, this is a discussion and open to being commented on and changed. I will be posting subsequent entries on this topic on a different blog dedicated to the subject let me know if you would like to be an author on it and I will share it)

(Life Exploration Through Logic and Reason)

LETLAR is not this document. LETLAR is not the only path towards fulfillment. LETLAR is not an absolute. LETLAR is a living, changing, evolving work in progress. LETLAR is a community that is dedicated to a pursuit of the truth, even if that truth disproves LETLAR. LETLAR is a celebration of life, its mysteries, secrets and inhabitants. LETLAR is Life Exploration Through Logic and Reason. LETLAR is courage to think for yourself. LETLAR is a paradox. LETLAR is a discussion that I invite you to participate in.

LETLAR Makes some general assumptions about the world. Assumptions mind you that are not set in stone and are willing to be overturned as evidence dictates.
1.) We believe that things are knowable, even if we do not yet know them.
2.) That learning and understanding enriches the wonder of the world rather than diminishes it.
3.) The creation of the world and its complex systems is a naturally occurring event and not divinely inspired.
4.) That we are in charge and responsible for the outcome of our lives and world.
5.) That people of the world who write and post here should be respected and not attacked personally. It is however, our job to overturn and question ideas and convention albeit in a safe environment

1.) Create a living proclamation that documents the struggles of our culture as we move from a culture of superstition to a culture of reason.
2.) Show the world that there is morals and hope in being agnostic.
3.) Challenge the conventions of life that have been thrust upon us.
4.) Create an open community and framework that can share, discuss, exchange and debate ideas.
5.) Create a tax exempt alternative to existing religion that can aid in lifting shaping both the individual and communities that we inhabit
6.) Lay the foundation for a legacy that generations to come can build on.

Table of Contents

Alpha – The Beginning
Beta – The Philosophy of LETLAR
Gamma – Virtues and Moral Code of LETLAR
Delta – On Life Events
Epsilon – Charity for the Selfish Gene
Zeta – Holidays and Rituals of LETLAR
Eta – Warrior – The Power of Seven
Theta – Letters to the Non- Believers
Iota – Letters of Hope to the Faithful
Kappa - Open Ending

Phi – X – The Gospels of LETLAR

PSI - X - Gospels of the councils of seven

By – Laws
You mean there are rules to this shit?
I want to make a distinction here about organized vs. organized. What LETLAR is not is organized like our modern day religions. Where organized is synonymous with organized thought, practice and ritual. Where all thought is shaped to fit into single doorway deemed as the answer. Where deviation from this doorway is deemed as evil. Although we seek to establish some customs and norms these are meant merely to be flexible guidelines and means to celebrate our journey to understanding together. LETLAR is organized only to the effect that it is designed to help facilitate discussion and debate and through the use of these pages a better understanding of the world and humanity.

How it works and How You Participate
Principal of seven to the seventh Power
I have struggled with how to form groups for study and participation and have settled loosely on a pyramid type approach that I would be happy to disregard should a better suggestion come along and replace it.
There will be seven members to a cell and they will meet and discuss various topics and help each other lift each others understanding of the world and experience.
I would suggest the following
1.) A book club for the seven where they would read and dissect 6 books a year.
2.) Help mentor each other in their areas of expertise.
3.) Each member would then in turn recruit and mentor six disciples.
4.) At the end of the year each council of seven and each discipleship of seven would meet and write a gospel of their experiences over the year using the general gospel guidelines from below. These would then be added to the cannon of LETLAR.
5.) Once a year all groups of seven would get together and meet and talk, debating ideas and planning for the future.
6.) Your council ship would last a life time and your discipleship would last for seven years until the goals that you establish in your discipleship are completed.

Council of seven
The first seven members will make up the first council of seven. They will review and add to the cannon for period of one year. They will then go and cultivate and repeat the process with six disciples. A leader for each cell would be voted on and grouped together with leaders from other cells to form different councils who would compete against each other in the arena of thought. Competition is good and from it we see emersions of truth as long as we are competing with logic and reason we are moving forward.

Why are emotions in here?
Virtues of hope, righteousness, valor etc. May seem to be at odds with the concept of Living life thought logic and reason but in fact emotions are a logical biological response to events that we encounter so it is only natural that we discuss them and frame them in this context.

I would like everyone I know whether you wish to post it anonymously or by your name to help with the creation of your personal gospel and with writings to be included in the cannon

On the Writing of Gospels to Be Included in LETLAR
I would encourage everybody to write the gospel of his or her lives. The Gospel does not have to agree with any doctrine of LETLAR. It is a personal testimony of your life however, you wish to express it. Gospels are imperfect by nature as our thoughts are imperfect. This is not to say that we should not strive towards perfection. As we realize our own limitations and boundaries, we open ourselves up to expansion of our minds. Gospels will be included in Phi they will be printed and published by your name a number corresponding to phi (Greek for 500 X is the denomination for example 501)

Gospels could include
1.) A Synopsis of your life and how you came to your understanding of the world.
2.) Stories, parables, poems, advice or quotes that help illustrate what life means to you.
3.) Your effete or vision of the future.
4.) Your dream or nightmare of what the future holds.
5.) Definitions of the Following words – Logic, Reason, Belief, Faith, Humanity, Morality, and Life

On Adding Items to the Core Cannon

If you look at the table of context you will see very open ended chapters on virtues, life events, holidays etc. I would invite each of you to write on the subjects for example what does virtue mean to you? Integrity, or on life events, Education, Abortion, Labor laws etc. The only caveat is that you have to support your opinion using logic and reason.

This will emerge in greater form ad time goes on. Stay tuned for the Alpha......And please I beg of you trash this, rewrite it, adlib pats lets put our minds to use and leave a legacy to the world as great as I know we are.......

I love you,
Bizzio Von Sniffensnatch


Rocketstar said...

First of all, yes, I would love to join in as a participant as long as everything is negotiable, based on logic and reason.

I can see how this will be fun and interesting. I am already looking forward to you posting this into the new Blog.

How this will end up, I do not know, but it will be interesting none the less.

It's a little bit of "Wikipedia" style, I like it.

FACE said...

The significance of se7en is powerful. I'm surprised in the number choice, but do understand it. Me living in another state snd not having many friends may introduce a problem for me, on the other hand may give me a reason to expand on relationships further. The idea is great, my first part in LETLAR will come in time, I want to take time. I believe good can only come from expansion of thought. I've been Knighted and will lead my people into idea with blood swinging from my mouth!

Megsta said...

Whoa, you boyz and your swords.... (hehehe) Sounds intensely interesting - reminds me of a little thang I tried to get started in highschool TRUTH, (teaching revolutionary understanding through hope) but with alot more thought and effort. I'm excited to see how this unfolds....

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lauren said...

Hmmm, I'm interested to see how this unfolds...

Anonymous said...

Where's the kool-aid?

Brian in Mpls said...

I've been feed enough kool-aid that is the point of doing this.

Freedom of thought not freedom from thought