Friday, October 05, 2007


New Today According to Brian

"Reporting what is going on in my corner of the world for 29 years."

Traffic Report: Lighter then usual even for a a Friday. Although a white Jeep was seen going slightly over the posted speed limit in the vicinity of 77th and Nicollet.

Weather Report: Raining consistently and cloudy at the moment but warm enough for a tee shirt.

Local News: A woman was observed boarding a bus this morning and although she was woefully undressed for the rain and quite wet, she had a tremendous smile on her face as she talked on her cell phone.

In other news: Somewhere in my general proximity there is a slight humming sound.

This has been a BNN Special Report

(This is one of the special things I love about blogging and reading peoples blogs you get more real news, you see the little events that cause happiness everywhere. You realize that billions of events happen all over the world and most of them are good. It restores my passion for humanity after I read the real CNN.)


Mags said...

Ok, I love this. I love all of your posts, but I love this one, especially today.

Of course, you know that my favorite part in the post is: In other news: Somewhere in my general proximity there is a slight humming sound.

It's so random. I love it.

*Ren* said...

I'm glad your passion for humanity has been restored. I think my passion has been stolen.

I disagree stongly, I now officially believe more bad happens than good. Guess the realist in me has emerged.

Valley Girl said...

I know what you mean. I stopped watching the evening news because I found it so depressing.

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

My favorite part about this post is the woman getting on the bus. I want to be soaking wet in the rain with a huge smile on my face..though she may have ruined her cell phone. ;-)~

Lily said...

I wonder what she was smiling about. Maybe she just got a promotion... maybe she just found out she's pregnant... maybe she was having phone sex... maybe she wasn't smiling... maybe she was actually growling. said...

You should send some of that rain over here - we need it desperately!!

loved the post :)

Dem Soldier said...

I'm digging this post man, take my word..worked all over the east and west-bang around the U yesterday/today and soaking is understatement.

Rocketstar said...

I miss fall in Mpls

Katelyn said...

That was really entertaining, actually.