Monday, October 15, 2007

Public Service Announcement

On Urine Testing:

Many people fail to realize that there are two types of urine testing

1.) Doctor testing during your physical

2.) Request for drug screening

It is important to note there there are differences in how you should take these tests that people are not aware of. During a test at your doctor you should make sure to collect the first few drops of urine in the sample. If you fail to collect the first few drops chances are you will test negative for certain things such as chlamydia even though you are positive for the disease. Certain STD's and infections are only present in your urethra for the first few drops.

For a drug screening for those of you who are worried you should pass the first portion of your urine into the toilet and start collecting mid piss.

People who do the drug screening piss for their doctor are cheating themselves and the people they come in contact with who think that they have a clean bill of health as they are giving themselves a false negative.

Just something to think about before you give your next sample.

Please be responsible in your STD testing, if you are having sex you owe it to yourself and your partners to get checked regularly.


Rocketstar said...

Wear a hat and then only crabs can get you.

Mags said...

Brian in Mpls-extremely hot AND informative...

World of Ribonuff said...

Wow, this is kind of heavy reading.
I think I am glad my urine hasn't been tested in quite some time (though I had a physical last year, and things seem to be in order [?]).
BTW, I enjoy your blog.

Dem Soldier said...

I'm more worried of over-fill and not last/mid

*Ren* said...

Did you find this out the hard way?