Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Survival of the Not The Slowest


Sometimes when I am in my car I pretend I am a gazelle and running with a heard keeping a look out for the lion that picks off the driver going just over the limit. Watching for the score of break lights ahead telling of danger in the high grass of the over pass.

When ever I watch a police chase on TV I can't shake the fact that it reminds me of a pack of wolves hunting their prey inflicting little damage here and there until it just collapses in exhaustion. While vultures and scavengers fly above waiting for the carcass to drop.. cheering for the wolves to give them their next meal.

I am a vulture watching....chilling isn't it.


Rocketstar said...

Nice visual. Reminds me of that game..........damn I forget the anem........ you were a car with cannons and crap on the top of your car and you would drive through traffic shooting cars, grabbing gas tanks etc...

I wish I had one of those in real life.

EC said...

Huh. Well it sure gave me something to think about :)

Mags said...


Sometimes what I am in my car I pretend I am your gazellette and running with the heard makes me a little frisky. ;)

Dude, you're weird. But it's sexy!

*Ren* said...

hmmm, ok!!