Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fair Weather Party People

Fair Weather Party People Ruin Holidays

One thing I am thankful for is that I am comfortable with who I am, with what I desire. I don't need an excuse to act out my fetish's. To dress up my inner whore. To celebrate life at happy hour so completely that I forget parts of the night.

As a kid I loved Halloween, New Years, Christmas. But now the thought of going out on these commericalized rituals makes me sick.

Stuck in a room with fair weather party people. Excited that they passed a non-smoking bill cleaning the air of someplace they frequent once a year. You know the kind they only go out for drinks on Holidays. They are rude. They snap their fingers at bar tenders or worse shake them in the air clanging ice around in a lowball. They flock to the good spots so they have a nice story to tell at the office the next day. A new picture to add to a dusty album that sits in a corner to remind them that their crappy big box suburban life hasn't been a complete waste. Pictures that come out as leverage in divorce trails and custody battles. Jim can't have the kids looks at how drunk he was last New Years. They break out tip calculators and make it impossible to get a drink or a spot to sit.

I feel saddened that I let these people intrude on my good time, but due to the annoyance that they bring I just can't help it. It is why I have taken to celebrating these holidays outside of the main steam and inside of rituals created by my small tribe of friends.

The only two holidays I like going out on anymore are not really holidays. Christmas Eve and the night before Thanksgiving. The fair weather party crowd is at home making sure napkins are rolled correctly and little Timmy's ribbons on his presents from Santa are perfect. Leaving the bar seats open for my kind of people. Deep lines in their face. Stress built up by the shoulders. People from other cultures...people who are alone. People who understand. People who need a drink.

While some people find this sad I find it utterly refreshing. I have had some of my greatest nights on these holidays. A sense of rebellion in the air. A feeling of humanity. A bond that can only be forged through the hardships of loneliness, poverty and sadness. Self awareness just below the surface of a whiskey sour that I didn't have to wait in line and pay a cover for.


Anonymous said...
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Ma said...

wow - so the holidays are starting to get to you already huh? no Halloween party this year - I had soooo much fun puking up jello shots in your yard, I was kinda looking forward to maybe doing it again!!! haha

EC said...

Hey I'm with ya! I love to go out the night before Thanksgiving - We used to do it every year, I'm still going myself this year, even if it'll just be me. But it'll still be fun! Those really are the best people sitting at the bar too - none of the types that you have mentioned (and that I actually know, lol)

Mags said...

1-you are such an excellent writer-I know you have a book, but you should totally have a column.

2-I know the people you speak about and I hate them too. Though not everyone who cares about rolling napkins and perfect bows on presents are tight wads. ;)

Rocketstar said...

I don't hate people, I just seem to feel better when they are not around. - Bukowski

I think those are the "people" you and Chuck are referring to.

I wish I could join ya.

Brian in Mpls said...

Mags:I would love to write a column ...but I can't find a source that will take

Rocket: I think they are the same. I wish you could too. I see my sis was in the paper out there for the joint that she serves at winning best sports bar or something like that. I will have to get out there soon and check it out. I miss you too.

Ma: I think that is the reason I can't do it anymore I was passed out by 11:00 last year while my house got

EC: Maybe we will have a drink one of these holidays:)

Ma said...

being a "grown up" is really fun - specially on holidays!

Lucidiocy said...

What you need is to throw your own Naked Halloween party.

But only invite the people you really want to see

you naked.