Thursday, March 13, 2008

See a Penny Pick It Up

I am always amazed at people who can walk by money on the street and not pick it up even if it is only a penny.

They say things like

"It is tails up and that is bad luck"

"It's dirty" as if it can not be cleaned

"It is not worth my time" As if they are getting paid to walk around.

"I focus on the dollars, not the cents"

"It is just a penny"

"My life isn't about money"

I just don't get it. To me there is no more tangible connection to expending effort and getting reward. To taking action and getting something in return. You do sit ups for free now at the gym, wouldn't it make it easier if I offered you a reward in and above great abs for bending over?

People say...

"People will think I am poor if I go out of my way for a penny"

"I don't bow down for anyone , now even Abe Lincoln."

I can tell you with high confidence that the debt to income ratio of the last two people is very high.

In my opinion there is no greater sign of wealth or future earnings then a person who knows that thought, action, the ability to do what you will regardless of what others think.

It's your ability to turn your effort into something tangible.

It may be just a penny.

But the decision to pick it up or leave it says a lot about your future. A crystal ball in the gutter people are afraid to rub.

Are you stepping over your future?

Find a penny pick it up...


Fig said...

I always pick up coins and I don't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks. As a person who has dug through couches and car seats to find enough change to buy a gallon of milk for her toddler, I understand the value of a penny. They add up.

My daughter understands it too. We took her to the arboretum and there was a fountain filled with coins... wishes. My aunt gave her some change to throw into the fountain and my daughter refused to throw it in. She pocketed it instead. She said the coins would help her buy her wishes... she was 4. Smart kid.

Kyra Sutra said...

I find pennies all over the place and usually pick them up and give them to the kids.

Brian in Mpls said...

I hope I can raise my kids with that same understanding.

Rocketstar said...

I don't know if you saw that 60 minutes piece on the penny but:
1. The metals that make the penny are worth more than the penny so if the dollar continues to fall, people will take the pennies and melt them down for a profit.
2. It costs more than a penny to produce the penny, about double.

The penny should be removed from cirrculation.

But your point is well taken.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Do you really know people that would not bend down to pick up a penny? That just seems so absurd I like myself way to much to leave a gift like that lying on the ground...

Kristi said...

"find a penny pick it up and through the day you'll have good luck"

I'm weird, but when I see a penny on heads, I think that I'll leave it there to give someone else good luck for the day. I'm always broke, but there's always someone else out there that is gonna need that penny more than me, or moreso, need the luck.

Mags said...

On the other side of the fence, my old boss (who was pretty well off) used to take his spare change from the day and throw it randomly on the groud for people to find.

Even the quarters!

oestrebunny said...

My granny used to always say that if you looked after the pennies, the pounds would look after themselves.

And it's true.

Thomas said...

Oh brother, I'm the opposite of most of you guys. I can't stand pennies, nickels, or dimes. I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to buy Britney's new CD (don't laugh) and got 12 cents back from it. I just left it there and the clerk said, "You got 12 cents here". I said, "You can have it". Right after that, I went to pick up a sub for my main squeeze. 48 cents change came out of that little machine. I took the quarter, but left the other 23 cents for whoever was next in line. I just don't like carrying small change like that around.

If I go bankrupt, I don't think it will be because I "threw away" some money here and there. I'm of the bent that there's plenty more where that came from and living my life as if I have more than enough to get by, a life of abundance you might say.

Anonymous said...

Collecting money is how the rich get richer! Learn it, live it, be it.
Usually I pick up money when I see it. Particularly after concerts and public events.
I've left money for others, too.
I love the stories where the Good Samaritan returns several hundred dollars to Costco or some such - a story like this was in my local paper (San Jose Mercury news) recently.

Kristi said...

I love that Thomas just admitted to buying a Britney CD, he's the shizzle! I've been listening to it all weekend! :)

Thomas said...

Thank you, Kristi. You are also the shizzle! Brit's new disc definitely has some good shit on it. My favorite track is "Break the Ice".